Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chanel 2014 Summer Collection - Illusion D'Ombre New Moon & Utopia

Hello guys, long time no blog. I know. My Spring semester is over and Summer semester is a week in. Time to get back on track.
As an end of the Spring semester treat to myself, I picked up a few things from the Chanel Summer Collection. There was no palette in this collection, but they had 3 Illusion D'Ombres. Mirage, Utopia, and New Moon. Utopia and New Moon are limited edition, so you know I had to get those. I only have one other shadow in this formula and it's really nice, Chanel did not disappoint.

First New Moon, A few months back Lisa Eldridge used this shadow in a tutorial saying that this was a new color that we would see in the summer. Since then this color has been so anticipated and was selling out quickly.  I was able to snag the last one from my Macys.

I was really sad to see, but not surprised that my shadow was separated from the jar. I few other bloggers had the same issue. A few instagram friends let me know that it was normal with the Illusion D'Ombres to sometimes separate.

After taking a few pictures, I pressed the product into the jar so that I didn't have to worry about the shadow falling out of the jar.

This color is gorgeous, I haven't seen a picture (including mine) that does this shadow justice. People will say is really glittery but you won't get it until you actually see it in person. I was so happy when I swatched this color, I was scared at first since I prefer matte colors but this one is just too beautiful. The glitters in this shadow are very tiny and not too gritty at all. The purple iridescent glitters I think look beautiful on brown eyes. I love this color and would suggest you try to get your hands on one before its gone.
Next, Utopia. I was lucky that this one came perfect out of the box. This color is perfect to start wearing now in the spring. Its a lilac color that's a bit iridescent. Beautiful for all over the lid as an every day color. Another color that's great for brown eyes. It pairs beautifully with New Moon. Another limited edition color that you shouldn't sleep on. This color is more shimmery rather than glittery so it more appealing to most people and great for day time. These Illusion D'Ombre shadows  can be worn alone without having to worry about creasing. I'm so glad I pick up both of these colors. If you have the chance go to your local Chanel counter and test them out.

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