Friday, March 29, 2013

MAC x Paramore

Browsing around Temptalia I came across a post for a mac collection that made me soo exited. I love it when MAC does collaborations with celebrities, especially when it is one of my favorite artists. On April 9 MAC is coming out with a collection collaboration with Hayley Williams from Paramore. This is so exiting for me because Paramore is one of my favorite bands. As a fan of Hayley and her signature style I already knew what color I would see in this collection be.. Orange. Hayley rocks her orange hair like no other, orange is defiantly her and the band's signature color.
I will be getting something from this collection, as a fan, its a must. I really hope the orange color is flattering on me, but even if its not I'm still getting something just to have it.
The collection will consist of a lipstick, eyeshadow, mineralize skinfinish, and nail polish.

Photo Credit: Alternative Press   
I wish I used my twitter more often because I would have known about this sooner. Hayley posted about it at the beginning of March. For any updates I would suggest follwing her @yelyahwilliams. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 2013 Birchbox

Only 2 days after getting an early Ipsy bag, I see a little pink box in the mailbox. Again another month that I'm not blown away by Birchbox.
Again for those who don't know Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription program where for $10/month you receive 4-5 beauty/lifestyle "deluxe" samples.

I'm not really good at putting these on but it wasn't so bad. They've already started to chip off, I would suggest to use a clear top coat on the edge of your nail so it doesn't chip as easy. I would do the same even with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips.

On a side note, I instagramed a picture of my nails after applying the strips and used the Incoco hashtag and got a like and comment from the official Incoco account @incocoproducts. Then the next day I posted the main picture of my BB from this post and I got a like from the official Twist band acccount @thetwistband .  Feel free to follow me in instagram at @sandynoemy 

This stuff actually smells good, didn't seem to be any different from any other shave cream I've tried but I do like the smell.

This might be a waited product, I doubt I'll use it. Hopefully I won't need to.

This was a special that I think was in every box this moth. I actually like this emery board, it's always nice to have one handy.

I have to say I really haven't been impressed with Birchbox lately. Next month will be my 1 year anniversary with them and I think its time to cash in my points and part ways.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Deal Alert! NYX on HauteLook

I checked my email this morning and had one saying NYX Cosmetics would be featured on HAUTELOOK today.  For those who don't know, HauteLook is a flash deal website that has great deals on awesome products. There are new products available everyday at 11AM EST. These sales last about 2 days and once something is sold out its gone (this means you gotta shop quick). They have home stuff, electronics, clothing, shoes, bags, makeup, jewelry and other things that might interest you.

I once bought a Michael Kors watch for $200 off the retail price. You really can't beat that. I'll post whenever I see something really good. TheBalm products are on the site about once a month at almost 50% off.

Its free to sign up, but they will send you an email everyday about what will be on sale.

A few NYX finds:

They have about 40 different "sets" on the site today.  I would really go for those blushed, they are great bright summer shades.
Here's a preview what what else is on the site today.
Again if you want to sign up you can go to hautelook. com or click here to use my referral link.  

March 2013 Ipsy glambag

March is off to a good start, I received my Ipsy bag this weekend. Usually, my Birchbox and Ipsy bags don't come until around the 18th, but I was pleased to see two pink envelopes in the mailbox on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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