Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forever 21 Haul

 As soon as February first hit I automatically thought... I need a new outfit for my birthday. So while everyone was watching the Superbowl that Sunday, I was doing some online shopping in between commercials. Since I was working with a budget I went to oldnavy.com and forever21.com. So far I've only actually worn 3 things.

This was my Valentine's day outfit. The Top and Jeans are from Old Navy. The pink jeans already had, but I did order a pair of olive green ones when I ordered the shirt. I LOVE the old navy rockstar jeans. If you are looking for colored jeans or just stretchy skinny jeans that don't feel cheap the rockstar jeans from old navy are the only way to go. I have them in about 8 different colors. (Note: the colored versions run a little tighter. If you need that stretch in your jeans, go up a size)
From forever21 I had a pretty larger order. 12 items.
This top was somewhat sheer, so I wore a pink cami under
I got this top in the neon orange and neon pink. The color of the actual shirt is not as subtle as the website makes it out to be. Its like a highlighter. 
I still haven't tried this dress on, but I thought it was perfect to have in my closet for any occasion.  

I couldn't find any of these on the website anymore, but they always have similar items to these on there. (sorry for the dark pictures.)
There were 3 items I actually had to return.  

This blazer actually ended up being to small. I would say size up.
I ordered this top in both the dark and light wash. I ordered a 1x because the last denim top I ordered from here was tight at the chest. This shirt was so baggy and it was really long. I'm 5ft 0in and this shirt almost went to my knees. I don't even want this shirt anymore.
I was angry i had to return these because i already had an outfit in mind. I was able to try the outfit but with the shirt being so long i tried to tuck it in... can we say diaper butt, it was not happening.
Could of made it work , but store credit it better. Ordered 3 dressed today with my credit. I'll post links now because with forever 21 especially the "plus size clothes" the good stuff goes fast. If you see something you like, get it, don't wait to long or people will snatch it up quick.
Dress #1 floral lace with belt , Dress #2 floral peplum dress, Dress #3 tulip dress (sold out)
This is a super long post, but I want to say thank you for a few gifts I got from others.

From the BF I got my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac.
 TokyoMilk Dark - Femme Fatale Collection - Tainted Love No. 62
From the one of my BFFs I got the Tokyomilk perfume in number 62 Tainted love. This stuff smells so good. its like a dark vanilla sent. I had never heard of the brand before, I really like it.
From my uncle Kate Spade small Carmine Street Stacy wallet. Fits perfect in my mini mac bag.

From my Grandma the Sally Hansen gel manicure starter kit.
 (thought on this coming in future post)
And gotta say thanks for any gift cards and cash received.