Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 2013 Ipsy Bag

It's that time again, my only surviving subscription box arrived. Month after month Ipsy has been good to me. After trying a few different sub boxes, I've left only the one I feel is the best one out there.

First off, I have to mention how nice the actual bag for this month is. I love the quilted leather look. This is one bag I actually plan on using.   

This Pop beauty trio looks really nice. Since this sample is such a generous size a lot of people have been counting it as a full sized product. In fact, this would be considered a deluxe sample. This is a sample of the Pop Beauty 10 pan palettes, the shadow sizes are exactly the same. In the full size there are 10 shadows, which include these 3.
I'm not going to swatch these because I don't see myself using these colors, I would much rather save this product for maybe a future giveaway.

The NYX round lipsticks are amazing, they are pigmented they are creamy and they come in so many different shades. Again, I'm not going to swatch this one, this light pink is not my type of color so I'm stashing it away for a future giveaway.

Ok, I usually hate perfume samples, BUT I'm not too upset with this one. One, because they gave you two options, and Two, because of the size. The samples were a bit more generous compares to the average perfume sample. Unfortunately for me, the cap wasn't on tight enough and a good amount of the product evaporated. Also a plus, these samples had small caps on them, I thought that was a nice touch.  

This is the size comparison of these samples to perfume
samples I've received from other sub boxes

This NICKA K polish brand is new to me, but its about at a drugstore price pont. I haven't swatched it, I would rather give this one away. I don't paint my nails anymore, and if I do it's gel. I'm just really bad at painting my own nails. The formula did seem a bit this and goopy.

This product was a bit exciting, the be a... bombshell's version of the Nars multiple. This product is marketed to be used on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. The color I got was a bit too red to use on my eyes, but there are lighter colors available of this product.

The product does blend nicely, I can see this as a nice spring/summer cheek color.
This is how much product you get in the tube.

I would say, another good month for Ipsy.
I'm co-hosting my first giveaway and it ends on DEC 25th.
Go enter if you haven't, and if you already have, don't forget to keep tweeting and sharing for more entries.