Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Hello

What better day to stop procrastinating and get my first post up then Halloween. I got as far as getting the blogger account set up before I had a mental block. Figuring out what your first post should be about is a difficult decision, at least for me it is.
I figured I would take a page out of every teachers book for the first day of school, lets go around the room and let everyone tell the class a little about themselves.

My name is Sandy, I'm 24. I recently started falling in love with makeup and started building my collection. As a shopaholic I have accumulated more than I need but not enough for me to stop. I'm slowly getting really into fashion. Being "plus size" its a little harder finding on trend things but I've been finding lots of online options. Hopefully I can help someone else get into the fashion swing.
Hoping to get into the blogging swing myself, wish me luck.