Thursday, November 1, 2012


This weekend where i live on the east coast we were pretty much stuck in the house for 4 days because of Hurricane Sandy. With some time on my hands I thought i would try out some sugar skull, day of the dead makeup. I tried out a few different products some worked... some not so much. It didn't come out like I wanted but I did learn some things from this time that will help me next time I try this out.
As you can tell one side is a lot bigger and more blurry than the other. The sharper side was done with gel eyeliner and a brush, the other side was with a eyeliner marker pen ( a thick one). I think the gel eyeliner was a lot easier to control.

With a bit more light you can see how shiny it all looks, for the black on my nose and the white on my face I used a cream paint kit I got from Rite Aid for about $1.50. It was really really creamy and smugged so easily. If you try using this kind of cream face paint in any look I would really suggest setting with a power product like eyeshadow or translucent power. BUT be careful not to smear the black with the white.

My inspiration for this look came from a picture I saw on facebook. I don't remember at all where it came from or who to give credit to. I think it could have been a post from Sugarpill Cosmetics.
I did a screenshot with my phone to save the picture. I do think I  should have gone for the green look because that girl has a smaller face and would have worked better for me. The way they circled her eyes in the more oval shape rather than a larger circle like the purple would have worked soo much better for my smaller face. Keep that in mind when if you try this type of look out.
Hopefully I get some free time this weekend to try out the green look. Post to follow if I do. This time with more pictures.