Monday, April 7, 2014

Skincare Newbie.

It's getting to be that time. The weather is finally changing in Northern Virginia. Even though we had snow a week ago we are finally getting some warmer weather. I really hope Spring is upon us. With changing claimants comes changing skin. I've never been that great with being consistent with my skin care I often forget to use any skin care at all.
The only recommendation I have when it comes to skincare is, try the Clarisonic. I absolutely love that thing. They have become more affordable now since new models have been released. I have the original Mia, you can now purchase that one for under $100. With any cleanser I've tried I feel like its taken to the next level when I use my Clarisonic
Since I just turned 26 this year I think its time I step up my skin care game and actually get a skin care routine. I'll be honest, I really don't know much about the steps a skin care routine should have, if it was up to me I would just say, wash your face and then put lotion on it. Since I'm so clueless about skin care I love reading articles or watching youtube videos about skin care routines.
Last week an article was passed along to me from the HSN blog (I didn't even know they had one) that was all about nighttime skincare. I was actually very helpful because it gives you 4 things that should be a part of your skincare routine every night. They seem to be steps to take after cleansing your face at night.
Number 1: Serum- I've never owned a serum but I definitely want to try one.
Number 2: Facial Oil- This one was something I never thought of.
 Number 3: Moisturizer- I'm still on the hunt for the right one for my skin. 
Number 4: Eye Cream!- I think this one is a biggie for us ladies who want to look young longer.
If your interested in skincare stuff you should really check out this article on the HSN Blog. She even give a tip on an extra product to add a little extra pampering for your skin.  I'm definitely going to check out a few new products. Check out all the skin care available from HSN.  If you have any products you've tried you would recommend for me to try and or anything you see on the HSN site or sephora you want me to review please let me know and leave me a comment.