Monday, April 28, 2014

UK/US Swap Product Swatches pt. 2

Here is part to with picture of products I received in a UK/US Swap I did with Katrina from Mountain Beauty.  This time I bring you Soap & Glory, Sleek, Catrice and Top Shop.
I was really excited to test out Sleek products, I've heard so many good things about this brand. They did not disappoint, they are so pigmented! I receive a mix of both simmer and matte shadows. These things are awesome. I would highly recommend trying out they Sleek shadows.

Soap & Glory is a brand that we have here in the states at Sephora, but when I think of the brand I only think of body scrubs and hand food lotion. I'm not sure how many people know about their beauty products. Sephora only carries the lip glosses and one mascara from the beauty line. The shadows are nice and buttery, and these colors could be used for a simple spring look. The shimmer on the lid and brown in the crease and a pop of color to make it stand out.

Back to Sleek. I've seen trios like this from elf, trying to mimic the NARS laguna and orgasm, BUT I don't think any of the elf contour, highlight, blush trios can compare to this one. That blush is insane. It changed colors depending how the light hits it, I tried to show that in the swatch.
  I wouldn't get this for the bronzer or highlight, they seemed underwhelming to me, but for the blush alone its worth it.

 P2 seems to be a German brand. These blushes are very creamy and nice, but too sheer for my complexion. These would just look like Vaseline on my cheeks. On a lighter skin tone they might look a lot better.

Now, these shadows are SICK! I mean I swatched these dry with no primer and they look so nice. The metallic shine these have is so cool. I seriously have to figure out a way to use these colors. The neutral colors would be great for a one color shadow look, they have so much dimension.
If you ever are in Germany please try to pick some of these up.