Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rainbow Tag: Collab with Stephanie from The Best in Beauty

I'm back with a collab post, I've joined forced with Stephanie from The Best in Beauty. If you follow me on instagram you would know we've been preparing for the rainbow tag. I've been posting my picks for each color leading up to this blog post. 

I love a red lip, the Revlon Matte Balm is amazing, if you want an affordable option go for this one. For a not so affordable option the Chanel Rouge Allure in #99 Pirate is great is an amazing blue red that looks great on all skin tones and it makes your teeth look white. For an option right in between the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in the color Beso is a beautiful matte liquid lipstick that actually does last all day, I love this stuff. 

I'm not much for orange but I do have a new things in my collection. Both these shadows are mac and were limited collection the first was from the Hayley Williams collection and the other from the Surf Baby collection, the lipstick is a really pretty matte orange color also from the Hayley Williams collection called Sounds Like Noise. 

Yellow was kind of a hard one for me to find things in my collection. I have the Phillip Lim for Target  bag and the Chanel polish in Mimosa, both were limited edition items.

This Gosh quad, I received in my UK/US swap from my previous post, the colors are very pretty shimmery shades of green. Next is my Disney for Sephora collection for the Ariel. The Simple face wipes are by far my favorite ones, these I have small for eyes but the larger face ones are great too. What I love about them over other makeup remover wipes is that they don't sting my eyes. 

First blue things I have is the Very Berry candle from Target, these candle are so nice and half the price of the Bath and Body Works ones. On the Bath and Body Works subject I am still loving this scent from the holiday line if you can get your hands on it you will LOVE it. Only one beauty product, the MUFE Sens'eyes makeup remover gets that waterproof liner and mascara off really nicely without irritating your eyes. Ladies, the man in your life needs to smell of Chanel, Bleu De Chanel is my favorite men's fragrance. If anyone is wondering the earrings are Givenchy and I got them form Macy's. 

I have two favorite plum color blushes, the first is Milani and the second is Plum Attraction from Chanel. Also from Chanel I have the Rouge Allure Velvet in #45 L'Adoree this color is from the Spring 2014 collection. I also have a YSL lipstick but the number as rubbed off.

The color of colors :) First is a fragrance I received for my birthday Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, this scent is so nice for spring. Again I have two blushes I love right now, Chanel blush in Emotion and the fancy pants new big boss blush in my collection, Tom Ford in Narcissist. I will have posts on both of these blushes coming up soon. For the lips I have MACs Candy yum yum and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #40 La Sensuelle. The Chanel gloss in #168 was my first Chanel purchase so I'll always love it.

I had to add a couple bonus colors. A few of my favorite silver pieces, the silver bunny is a ring holder that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Of course my MK watch and a few jewelry pieces. I have two silver eye products, and eyeliner form starlooks and a creme shadow my Rimmel.

Another bonus color. Some of my favorite brands come in gorgeous black packaging. I'm a sucker for packaging. Chanel of course, MAC, Nars and Givency. 

Thank you for sticking with me through this super long post. Don't forget to head over to Stephanie's blog and cheek out her rainbow favorites.