Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 2014 Ipsy Bag

Another month another Ipsy bag. This month was a good one, I got a few things I'm really excited to try. I wasn't fond of the bag design, but I like the concept.
Here is a better view of the bag, the print itself, I don't like. I do like the idea that they are featuring new artists to design the bag.

This liner, OH EM GEE, this felt tip is so fine you can get the thinnest line. I have a few liners like this but none with such a fine tip. I'll try out the blue shade and see how the formula is, if I like it, I would really be interested in getting the black one.

This isn't the first time be a Bombshell cosmetics has been featured in an Ipsy bag, but its the first eyeshadow from them I've seen. The formula is really nice they seem really smooth and blendable. I really like the pigmentation on these shadows. I'm sure that pop of blue will look really nice under the lash line during the summertime with a bronze lid.

I seriously love minis, this lipstick is very cute. The color is Get Ready. Its a very nice every day type of color. The coupon attached gives free shipping and a free sample with your order. I think that was a nice touch to the little sample.

These are what I'm most exited to try! I see face masks and these type on under eye masks are a really big hit in Asia and I'm so glad that the idea is making its way here. I can't wait to try these out. Two patches come in each pouch so I'm glad they gave us enough to try them out twice.
I would call this a good month, even though this month we only get 4 products rather than 5 I'm still happy with everything in my bag. Ipsy still knows how to do it.