Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge: Books

Here is my next post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge, all about books.

The first book I recommend is the Beauty book from Lauren Conrad. This book is really good for all makeup lovers. Full of tips and tricks and lots of really good information. Learn about skincare, makeup application, and even hair tutorial. 

Another set of books I would recommend to any Chanel lover like me is this set of 3 books. I found mine on Amazon by simply searching "Chanel 3 book set" Each book is about a different aspect of Chanel culture. One book is about the N5 perfume about how the scent became so iconic and even the evolution of the bottle. The second book is about the jewelry, about how Coco Chanel drew inspiration from her life to create these jewels. The last book is about her and the brand itself. Each book is fulled with pictures and past advertisements seen all over the world. The pictures are beautiful.