Friday, November 2, 2012

Remington Curling Wand

Flat irons, Curling irons, crimpers, hot rollers.. I've tried them all. Last week I purchased that latest tool to add to my hair arsenal, the curling wand. I've seen them all over youtube and in ulta catalogs but I've always thought just using my curling iron with the clamp closed would be the same thing.
Last night I finally decided to try my wand out.
I bought the Remington T Studio 1"-1 1/2" curling wand. It was about $30 at Target. There were two size options, 1/2"-1" and the one I got, the 1" - 1 1/2" I figured with my longer hair I wanted Bigger curls that would fall into waves as the day went on. I do want to get the smaller one to see how tighter curls would look.

My hair before was puffy and frizzy from being in a pony tail and bun all day.
A few things to note about the wand: it goes up to 410 degrees and has a digital display
I started with the 392 setting but then went up to 410. Also my fingers kept hitting the buttons while i was curling my hair and I was worried I would turn the wand off, but Remington was smart and made it so that settings couldn't be changed or power wouldn't go off by just pressing the buttons, they have to be held down for a few seconds.

What I didn't like about the wand was that my hair kept slipping from the larger end of the wand and the curl would start at the middle of the wand and I wouldn't have enough space to wrap all my hair around the wand. Also there is a "stand" in the top of the handle that my hair kelp snagging on which would cause tangles as I took my hair off the wand. I would eliminate this part all together because it didn't do much for helping the wand stay up. I would have also appreciated a longer cord, i found that one side of my head was harder to do because the wand didn't reach like I needed it to.

But at the end I do like the wand, I got the hang of it after the first layer of hair and the curls were very nice. I was able to take bigger sections of hair than i do with my 1" Hot Tools curling iron, so the process was much faster. It took me about 20-30 mins to do all my hair.
I really do like the result, and this will probably become my go to tool when i want to do something with my hair, it was so quick and easy, even with its negative points it puts out a nice curl, so I'm all for it. The curls did hold up well over night and I'm sure will fall well throughout the day.