Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Birchbox.

Earlier this year I discovered the beauty of monthly subscription services. I have a few choices at the time, Julip, Army Box, Pop Sugar, New Beauty Test Tube, Myglam, and Birchbox. All the different programs were at different price points and had mixed reviews. I decided to go with the ones that were good for my budget. For $10 each I chose Myglam and Birchbox. I've had mixed feeling about Birchbox, Out of the average 5 beauty/skin/hair/food products a month I was getting at least 1 great product in each box . I've also had months that I've hated everything in my box. Myglam has been a different story, but I'll talk more about that when I post my November bag. This month was a mixed month for me.

I received 5 products in my box, which after doing review on the Birchbox website, equates to 50 points. Each 100 points earned is $10 available to use in the online shop. This feature is was added to me choosing to join. Each box comes with a card giving information about each product.

My first product was the Lulu Organics Lavender + Clay Sage Hair Powder. Basically a dry shampoo

It's about a good size for one use on someone with short to medium hair, not sure if ill use it, i like the spray on dry shampoo better.

I also received a full size mascara. Sometime you will get lucky and get full size products, Ive received full size lip gloss and eyeliner in past boxes.

I've only seen this brand before once at TJ Maxx. Not sure how the Fiber concept will work on my lashes but I'll update the post with before/after pictures when I try it out.
Probably the product I'm most exited about is this Mox Botanicals Lip Butter, I love anything that will keep my lips soft in the cold weather seasons. Its an OK size for a sample but its will last me a while.

The last two products were fragrances. One was a Body Serum, and the other and men's cologne. I'm not sure what i think of these they will just end up in my sample drawer never to be seen again.

 I will say I think this serum is a good size, since they say a little goes a long way.
 Pretty much this was an OK month, I've received better and I've received waay worse.