Monday, June 24, 2013

Birchbox June 2013 - The Final Birchbox

I finally did it! After months and months of disappointing boxes I said enough is enough. I canceled my Birchbox subscription. When I first saw what my box was going to be I got excited, the products seemed awesome. I was excited to try the products and especially excited to try my first Origins products. I had heard so many good things about the brand and was ready to try the moisturizer that I saw would be in my box. When I opened my box, I knew, that was it. I was done, when I saw the tiny ass foil packet that moisturizer was in, it was over. The thing I was most excited to try was a total fail. I went right on the site and hit cancel. If I see that they improve in their boxes I might rejoin, but not anytime soon.

I feel like if I would have had 2 or three if these I could really get a feel for the product. This is something birchbox does too much. If they must give you foil packets, why don't they give you at least 2. They claim to give "premium" samples. This is not premium. The rest of my box was pretty good, but I can say this has been my best box since late last year. I don't see the value of spending the $10 a month for birchbox anymore.